Vitiligo Cure

My Vitiligo Story and Healing Journey

Before Pics: Vitiligo at its worst

As bad is it looks, this was not my vitiligo at its worst. But this is after I made the commitment to heal and I started to “feel” the progress. (scroll down for more pics)


I always had trouble accepting anybody that tried to advise me on how to heal. I felt that they either felt sorry for me or they had ulterior motives like trying to sell me something.


Nobody understands how this feels!


Yes, there are a lot of doctors and researchers doing their best to create treatments and are searching for a vitiligo cure.  Even if their efforts started out sincerely it’s just too difficult to trust any of them. One thing for sure there is nothing like a person that actually had and suffered from vitiligo and was lucky enough to heal their self. That’s who I wanted to hear from and that’s who I now am for you.


I want to make it clear that I am in no way trying to sell you a product or any type of “heal-quick” remedy but I will prove to you that you can fully heal from vitiligo and give you the clear steps on how to get there.


My name is Gary and I want to start off by asking you to put yourself in my situation. Let’s say that you were unfortunate enough to have vitiligo and all of the ups and downs that come with it. If you’re reading this I will assume that you understand exactly how I feel. Now for the positive side imagine that after the many ups and downs, trials and errors you finally were able to heal yourself and you wanted others to know about your vitiligo cure.



How Would You Spread the Message of a Vitiligo Cure?


One of your first thoughts might be that you want to heal others that suffered like you – at least that was my thought – I wanted to heal as many people as possible.


Only you could understand their suffering and in a sense you have a duty to reach out to them. From there you would probably start with any family or close friends that might have this condition. Then you would make new friends, approach strangers and talk to anybody that you see with vitiligo – explain to them that they definitely can heal and share your story with them.


That’s Exactly What I Did.


I’m sure your next step would be to get the message out to even more people. Nobody understands the pain and all of the issues that come with this disorder. Nobody deserves vitiligo, it serves no purpose, and it’s unfair. Everybody that has vitiligo deserves to heal, can and should know that there is a vitiligo cure!


What would be the best way for you to get this message out to as many people as possible at the lowest cost possible? The Internet! That’s what I wanted to do.  I wanted to create a website and write an e-book that would tell millions of sufferers that there is such a thing as a vitiligo cure. I want everyone to know exactly how they can heal and make the cost to them as low as possible.

Who is the “How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo” e-Book Written For?


  • This book is for sufferers of vitiligo as well as their friends, family and anybody else that wants to help them heal.


  • This book is for the sufferer that does not want to live with this condition.


  • This book is for the sufferer that feels he or she can not go on with their normal life until they have first healed. The person that wants nothing more than to find a vitiligo cure.


  • This book is for the victim of vitiligo that does NOT want to accept advice such as:
    • “You can learn to live with vitiligo”
    • “It’s not that bad – don’t worry about it”
    • “Things can always be worse”
    • “Don’t worry – at least it’s not contagious”
    • “Your beautiful on the inside and that’s all that counts”


I truly commend those people that have “accepted” their Vitiligo and are able to live full lives with their condition, but that was not me, I did not want it to be me and it does not have to be you.


Personally, I HATED my vitiligo. Call me shallow, but I refused to accept it. All I wanted to know was if there was anyone out there that had ever healed. If there was at least one example then I knew it could be done.


Vitiligo Cure During Pic: Making Progress with Pigmentation

This was a difficult time for me, but I was finally starting to “see” progress with some pigmentation.


In writing this book many times I will assume that you know the basics of vitiligo, like the fact that it’s an auto-immune disorder, but I still will go into some detail on the mechanics of this disorder. For more in depth information and all of the ins and outs of vitiligo you can always refer to this website.


It’s not necessary to buy the eBook for you to know how to heal. The vitiligo cure is simple. Simple but sometimes difficult to accomplish. It is simple because it only consists of changing your diet and lifestyle. This is what worked for me and many others and there is no reason why it can not work for you.


By changing your diet I mean to bring this back to nature as much as possible. It is difficult in these days and times. The main reason it’s difficult is because it will require you to spend more time in the kitchen.


It’s frustrating to me because I read so many misleading articles. Any source of information, no matter where it comes from, that says you have to cut out a natural food group is just plain wrong. You do not need to become a vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian that is fine and your choice.


I only believe in a few restrictions that I’ve noticed as common denominators between those that heal and those that don’t. Some in the food category and some in the lifestyle category.


In the food category it would have to be overly processed foods. I say “overly” for lack of a better word. Foods that may have otherwise been healthy in their natural state but, after all the manufacturing they go through to get it on the shelves, are no longer good for you.


I wrote about the role of Gluten and our diets in reference to healing on the vitiligo diet post.


My list of foods in the “No” category are:

  • Gluten
  • Processed Vegetable Oils (Canola, Sunflower, Vegetable, Safflower – all of them)
  • Sugar
  • Dairy


I advise us all to stay away from anything that comes in a package. Well let me say anything that comes in a package with many other ingredients that you can’t pronounce and aren’t familiar with. Rice comes in a package and it’s fine; so is oatmeal, so are nuts, fruits, vegetables, …. and a lot of other things.


In the lifestyle category our main enemy is stress. Yes its easy to say “stop stressing” and that’s your vitiligo cure. I know it’s difficult – believe me I do. But I do know for sure that are ways to relieve stress; exercise, meditation, a general positive outlook, even when things don’t seem to be so, are all ways to reduce stress. You are in control of your mind and this is what I mean when I say the vitiligo cure is in your hands.


My main point in writing this book is not to go into every detail about vitiligo or to entertain you. My point in writing the book is so you can see exactly what I went through and hopefully follow the same path to heal yourself. I do go into detail there: how I ate, how I though, what I did,…


The book is more than 100 pages but it really is a quick read. Most of my readers finish it non-stop and quickly send me an email when they finish. 🙂


If nothing else you will leave motivated with a sense of knowing that you can heal. Knowing that if someone else healed their vitiligo you can too and the possibility of a vitiligo cure is real.


The purpose of the “How I Healed Myself from Vitiligo” e-book is clear:


To prove to you that you can heal and give you the detailed steps to get there as quickly and as naturally as possible.


Vitiligo Cure After Pic: Vitiligo Healed!

At this point I consider myself 98% healed. I feel like we will always “have” vitiligo even if we can keep it in check and no one can see it.


A few things that I need you to know, from my direct experience, regardless of what you have been told so far:

  • Vitiligo is a curable condition!
  • You can absolutely fully heal from Vitiligo!
  • Vitiligo has nothing to do with who you are as a person (religion, race, personality, etc…).


There will be some things, as a person, that you will have to change for you to heal. I would love nothing more than to tell you that that there are no changes you will have to make and this will be a simple and easy process, or to tell you there is a “magic vitiligo cure me pill” or there is a “secret” to healing yourself.


All of those are false!


What I will tell you is that you can heal and by following the principles in this book in every detail – you will heal.


There is an unspoken bond between people that suffer from this auto-immune disorder. We may not know each other and we may never even communicate but one thing for sure, anyone of us that has been lucky enough to heal from Vitiligo will want the same for all the other sufferers in the world – for all of them to be healed and none of them to be taken advantage of in anyway.


I’m not a professional writer (you probably got that by reading this message to you). I guess this is a good time to also disclaim that I am not a doctor.


I’m just a person that understands exactly what it’s like to suffer from vitiligo and was lucky enough to heal himself and others. There are no products on my site for sell and you notice that there are no advertisements. I have been offered money to post “creams,” “lotions,” “covers” and other products, but I refuse. I do sell my eBook but it is for those that want to know more about my journey on the search for a vitiligo cure.


All of us want and need to make money, but this is different – this is personal – this means too much to me and suffering from vitiligo is something that I would not play with.


What I did was figure out exactly what is the best price that I can offer in order for as many people as possible to continue to get this information.


That’s what I did. The price of my e-book, around $10, covers the cost of bringing this information to you by supporting the website.


Exactly what can you expect from this e-book?


Results will of course vary but the following are three levels that you can expect and one guaranteed fact:

1) You will completely heal from Vitiligo or

2) You will have definite re-pigmentation on the majority of your spots or

3) You will stop your Vitiligo from spreading any further


Fully healing yourself is an achievable goal and you can expect it, but the one guaranteed fact that you will be left with is that by the end of this journey – you will definitely come out of it the best YOU that you have ever been – Mentally and Physically.


Let’s take this journey together – the journey that guides you on the path to healing yourself from Vitiligo.


Excerpts from “How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo” eBook


Table of Contents.

Myths and Contradictions
E.E. - D.D.
The Changes
Auto-immune Disorders
The Sun - Friend and Enemy
Optional Medications
Valuable Resources
Taking Care of The New You
Healing Children
Give Yourself - To Others
Thank You
Terms of Use



I wanted to start by expressing what motivated me to write this book. In general most of us are private individuals; we each have our own sets of problems, concerns and issues. Sometimes we are able to cross some of those obstacles, solve most of our problems and move forward with our lives.  We’re thankful that we were able to do so and the problem or issue that bothered us so much becomes a part of our past – to be forgotten.


That was not the case with the healing of my Vitiligo. This was no doubt the greatest obstacle in my personal life and it could not be easily forgotten.When it started becoming clear to me after all my dedication that “Hey, I am actually beginning to heal myself from Vitiligo” my thinking began to shift.  My inner self was not satisfied and I felt the need to help others but I just did not know how to do it.


I’ll never forget the worst stages of my Vitiligo, the times that I felt like it was taking over my life. Even if a person in all sincerity approached me to help me – I did not want to hear it.  Sympathy or any type of attention made me feel uncomfortable and I really just wanted everybody to leave me alone. Stop staring at me, don’t talk to me about it – really – just leave me alone! So at the very beginning of my healing when I wanted to approach anybody that had Vitiligo and share my information with them I had mixed emotions.  Not really knowing how they would feel about it, not wanting to upset them further, I just kept it to myself.


After all I was not fully healed. I felt that they would say “look at your face – you still have spots all over you – why haven’t you fully healed? With them not knowing the progress that I made all those would have been valid questions and concerns. I decided it would be best to reach the point that it became obvious that I was healing from Vitiligo.


That time came and I remember I was approached by a girl after she noticed that I was healing. She eventually became a person that I helped to heal and her story is in this book under the pseudonym name “Jane”. Witnessing her healing reassured me that this plan can work for everyone – one of the convincing reasons to write this book.


Often times I would search the internet for information sometimes ending up in a Vitiligo forum where everyone was chatting, expressing their concerns and sharing their experiences.


My hope now is that this book and the information within it will reach as many people as possible.


My hope is that all of the people that are able to read this book will finally heal from Vitiligo.


My hope is that the mother that so desperately wanted to help her little girl will find this book and heal her baby.

Myths and Contradictions

The confusion in the search for a vitiligo cure. An image of dice with: what, when, why, yes, no...

How are you supposed to heal when there is so much contradictory information? The internet is no doubt a great source of information and a great tool to bring the world together but a lot of times it just becomes confusing information overload. The advice on one site totally contradicts the advice on the previous one. Contradictions are one thing but myths are another. Different forms of advice can be contradictory but each one of them can also be partially effective. What I feel hurts us the most are the myths; the false myths that close the door on the possibilities of our healing.


For the last and final time we will look at this myth, never to discuss it again, because it plays no part in our healing..

False Myth: Vitiligo is an “in-curable” disease!


One of the best quotes that I can remember to dispute this false myth is that “in-curable” means “curable-from within”. The majority of the information that’s out there and the advice that we receive makes us believe that we are stuck with Vitiligo and there is nothing that we can do about it.


Starting now, I want you to forget any negative advice or information that you have received!


I healed from Vitiligo, others that have followed my advice have healed from Vitiligo and there is absolutely no reason why you also will not heal from Vitiligo.


Throughout the course of this book I will ask you to strengthen yourself. I will ask you to not only ignore the negative information that you receive but I will also ask you to ignore yourself! Sometimes the most negative voice that we hear is our own.


All of the negativity stops – today!


From there we can move on to the most important question: “Do you really want to heal?”


Deciding If You Really Want To Heal

Deciding if you want to heal on the search for a vitiligo cure


As a person that suffered from Vitiligo and wanted to heal more than anything else in the world I would think that this was an unnecessary question. Who would not want to heal!?


A better way to rephrase this question is:


“Are you willing to make the necessary changes for you to heal?”


You will definitely have to make some changes in your life if you want to heal.  There will be physical and mental adjustments that will be mandatory to your healing.


I’ve said before I really wish that I could tell you there are no changes necessary and that the process will be very easy or even better if I could tell you that there was a “magic-pill” or there was a “secret” to heal. None of that is true, but what is true is that if you are willing to make all of the necessary changes in your life – you will heal. I was the type of person that would be all ears when it came to healing. I felt that I would do “anything” to heal. I found out that is not always the case. There are people out there that are not willing to make the changes to heal and that’s okay. We are all in different stages in our life and some of us may not be ready for this new shift.


If you took the time to visit the website and trusted enough to purchase this e-book I will assume that you are like me – I will assume that you are willing to make all of the necessary changes to heal yourself from Vitiligo.


I also want you to relax and know that these changes will not be the most difficult thing that you have ever done.


These changes will only make you better.


Will it take sacrifice? Yes.

Will it take dedication? Yes.

Will it be worth it? Yes!


How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo eBook


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