Refuse to Accept It!-Written by Gary G.

By now you know my thoughts on Vitiligo and Healing.

I am not the person that wanted to learn to “live with Vitiligo”. I did not by any means want to accept this condition.  I have also said that I really respect those that are able to “forget” their Vitiligo and live full and happy lives regardless to their condition – but that just was not me. I hated my Vitiligo; I hated it all the time.  I never got any relief from thinking about it and what was happening to me.  The only time that I forgot about my Vitiligo at least for a little while is when I was sleeping but even then sometimes I would have dreams and sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night confronted by the reality reminder that I have Vitiligo.

I truly felt that my life could not go on until I healed and any attempt to go on with my life was futile. I did not want Vitiligo and I was willing to do whatever I had to do to heal myself from it.

I refused to accept Vitiligo and I refused to accept any negative information that told me it was incurable. I didn’t care who or where the source of information came from, if it was negative I ignored it, if it was positive I built on it.

The only proof that I needed was that at least one person in this world has healed – that’s enough, enough for me to know without a doubt that I too could heal.

What surprised me the most and continues to surprise me is the lack of information for us Vitiligo sufferers. I am very sure that everyone reading this blog knows exactly what I’m talking about.  We have all been on numerous websites reading everything that we can about this condition and how to heal. It seems as if each one of us are individually on our own.  I mean 1-2% of the worlds population is not a small number of people! Why is their not any clear information readily available for us?

If healing from Vitiligo was a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle it seems like all of the research you can possibly do will get you 300 or 400 pieces of it. You’re often left with just enough information to confuse yourself. The information from one source totally contradicts the other and sometimes the contradictions are within the same source.

My plan was clear – first I was going to heal and then I was going to document every detail of my journey; that’s what created my eBook: “How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo”.

My next step was to create a website that offered every available type of information for Vitiligo; that’s what created:

My next step is to be there as much as possible for any and everyone that needed help, support or information on how to heal their self or a loved one from this healable condition.

I do this now through my “How I Healed” Blog and also our members only Healing-Chat forum.

All of these sources come together with one goal in mind: giving you the complete picture and every single piece to the Healing from Vitiligo puzzle.

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