Image Showing the Power of the Mind to Heal Vitiligo

Your Healing : It’s all in your Mind

As I’ve said many times before, your mind is the most powerful resource you have to heal yourself. Stronger and more effective than any medicine, your mind will work with your body to heal your Vitiligo in the most natural and harmonious way possible.

This shouldn’t be misconstrued as this new of way thinking that promises you results just by thinking about it. There is a plan of action required, you will have to take the necessary steps of which some of them will be sacrifices.

I am also able to write this with the advantage of communicating with many people, some that have healed better then others. The only common denominator between those that heal and those that don’t, from what I have found, is positivity – a knowing that they would heal. I don’t consider this new-age or magic; I feel that those think positively about something, will most likely do the things that need to be done to achieve their goal. These same individuals are more likely to continue even when results are slow or non-existent.

I see a clear difference between my Vitiligo spots that healed through medicines and the ones that I healed naturally. We know that medications are either trying to mimic the natural processes of the body or attempting to bypass them altogether. The spots that healed via my mind-body connection always heal absolutely perfectly. The melanin that slowly freckles in and fills the white spots completely matches the rest of my skin; as opposed to those that healed via medicine that either come in too dark or too light and only after some time do they blend to match my natural skin tone.

Medicines definitely have their place in the treatment of Vitiligo. I give full credit to medications that I have used for speeding up my healing process and especially for healing those stubborn spots.

I also strongly believe that you can heal your Vitiligo without the use of any medications at all! Of course you can and I have a reason for saying that. I have healed many of my Vitiligo spots without any medication and I know others that have done the same thing. This means that you also can heal the same way. The circumstances of how we all got Vitiligo may differ but we are also very much alike. Some of us were born with it, the majority of us acquired it either through traumatic stress or an unbalanced way of life and thinking.

Regardless to how we got Vitiligo the fact that remains is that we can heal and the process that the body undergoes when it heals itself is the same for each one of us.

Once your body has realigned itself into its proper balance it’s only a matter of time before your body heals itself; not only externally meaning your skin and Vitiligo but also internally – your known and unknown issues.

Your mind is the tool that will heal you without any medications. That’s why I say it’s all in your mind and of course I follow it up by saying “and in your hands”.

Positive actions are required to support your new positive thinking. All of the positive thinking in the world will not heal you if you don’t make the necessary physical and mental changes to go along with it.

You Will Heal!

This is a fact! You have to know without a doubt that you will heal! Whether you do it with medicine or without depends on you and how much time you are willing to dedicate to your healing but one thing for sure you can – and will heal.

There will come a time in your future when you will look back on your Vitiligo days. You will be so thankful that you made it through this stage and you will become a better person because of your journey.

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