My Spots Came Back!

This was a true test for me. I had to dig down into the archives of advice that I’ve given to so many people, so many times: stay positive, it’s just your body giving you a sign, you can heal, …

It’s not that I doubted anything that I’ve ever said, but I was now thrown back on the other side of the equation – the difficult side.

After a period of time in healed-mode I became desensitized to the struggle of Vitiligo. After you heal and you’ve been healed for some time you actually forget about Vitiligo. It’s funny how something that at one time consumed so much of you can be totally forgotten. I got to the point where I only thought about this condition when someone emailed me for a question or if I sold another book.

It’s always a bittersweet situation when someone has purchased my eBook “How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo.” On one hand I’m glad that the message is out there, but the main issue is the person: who they are, what they’ve been through, the ups and downs, their hope and commitment in buying the book.

I try my best to reassure everyone that has Vitiligo that they can heal. Not just to spread hope or optimism but to really let them know that it is possible to fully heal.

I now had to reapply all those things to myself.

I went through a fairly stressful period that lasted around three or four months. It’s only in hindsight that I’m able to see what lead to the spots coming back. In addition to the life-challenge I also, don’t ask me why, decided to go on a juice fast. I committed to a 30-day vegetable and juice fast.

As much as I preach about the necessity of a balanced diet I strayed against it. It’s easy to fall victim to the overload of information out there. One minute you’re on your course doing great, next thing you know you wind up on a forum or YouTube channel: veganism, raw-vegan, fruitarian, juicer or whatever else you can think of and the next thing you know you’re trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

The change in my diet from whole foods across the entire spectrum: animals and plants, cooked and raw, down to a restrictive one of raw fruits and vegetables, along with a period of stress, led to my system getting back out of balance. We all go through stressful periods, it’s a part of life, but as long as I was eating how I know to be whole and nourishing, my body was better equipped to handle it or at least protect me through the temporary cycle. This time I wasn’t giving my body the necessary materials it needed to defend itself, stay healthy and maintain my balance.

I made it through the 30+ days of juicing raw fruits and veggies, but I noticed some of my Vitiligo spots lightening. I had been healed for so long that I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Just like the first time you seen your Vitiligo spot, they seem to come from nowhere, then another, then another.

Not all of the spots came back, but some of them did.

It was time for me to take back control; control over my life, my thoughts, and my actions and re-heal like I knew I could.

The first thing I did was reunite with myself through my meditation practice. Meditating has become one of my positive ingrained habits, but it got to the point where on some of my sessions I was just going through the motions. Yes I was meditating, but it was – mechanical I guess you could call it, as if it was another box I needed to check in my morning ritual (checking the clock for time, straying into my thoughts). I started to take it seriously again because I know for sure it’s a major component of my healing. I started reciting my mantra again (pretty much all day) “Thank You For My Healing,” which I had no need to do so after healing. “Thank You For My Healing,” “Thank You For My Healing.”

The next major factor to healing was my medicine – Food. I started eating whole foods again – such a relief, for me at least. Within a week, of re-introducing a nourishing variety of foods, I started to feel better: cooked vegetables, safe starches, fatty meats, eggs and more were starting to go to work on me.

Just like clock work the spots started to hue with color, then freckle with spots as they slowly filled back in. How long did it take? From the time I got back into the flow, to the time I started to see freckling – about two months. It was a bit faster then the first time I healed, but it was still a process. After I seen the freckling I remember thinking to myself “oh yeah, this is going to take a lil while!”

What is my take away lesson from this? There’s always a lesson – in everything! My lesson is that I never fully heal from Vitiligo. Even if all the spots are gone it’s something that I need to keep at the forefront of who I am. Not in a negative sense, but in a keep-myself-in-check sense. It’s a part of who I am. Different people react to stress, poor lifestyle choices, etc… in a different way. My body gives me a sign through these damn spots. 🙂 As difficult as it is to say it’s actually a beautiful thing.

I’ve said in other articles and in this interview, by one of my readers, that my Vitiligo has become a guide to let me know if I’m on track or not. I’m now more convinced then ever.

Will I have other stressful periods in my life? Unfortunately I probably will. Will I ever restrict myself from the foods that I know to be complete and nourishing? No! Will I ever completely stray from what I know to be my fundamentals of staying healthy? Definitely not.

Another take away: I love my body. It is so good to me, even when I’m not being good to it. It’s constantly, and I mean constantly, working to give me its best – to heal, to rebalance, to support me…

Thank You Body.



2 thoughts on “My Spots Came Back!

  1. Hi Gary! Your new site looks great 🙂
    This is so interesting – and something I Have heard others say as well…that their vitiligo spots have become like a warning that things aren’t right in their body, or a signal they need to pay more attention to their diet. My spots have lots of freckles inside of them now, which is exciting. It’s funny because I just said the other day that I feel my vitiligo has been a blessing in disguise because it caused me to dig deep and in the process ive gotten healthier and have learned so much about myself and food. I would have never embarked on such a journey were it not for these darn white spots, lol! Thanks for writing this, it’s really helpful 🙂

    • Hey TJ 🙂
      Hope that all is well with you.
      I totally agree with you. I’ve always been an off/on, off/on dieter 🙂 but I’ve definitely looked deeper into health, myself and food like you said.
      As much as we hate our Vitiligo at times in a strange way it is a blessing.
      So many autoimmune disorders where people truly suffer. When compared to that Vitiligo is just a gauge.
      Take care of yourself and keep in touch.
      (I’m still not happy with the site though, need to dedicate more time to it)

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