White Spots on Skin

White Spots on Skin?

My “White Spots on Skin” Story

We can all remember our own story of that first white spot. It normally starts off with a bit of confusion. You  think to yourself “hmm, what are these white spots on my ….?”

Most of us think its just another scar or mark that will go away or heal. We definitely don’t think it will be the beginning of our journey in the world of vitiligo.

I remember my entrance into this world and my “White Spots on Skin Story.” It was more than 15 years ago and I saw a small white spot on the corner of my top lip. Not really a big deal to me at the time, it was really small, but I was curious. I remember going to the library to look up skin issues. The age of just googling “white spots on skin” wasn’t here yet and you had to find information the old fashioned way. 🙂

I stumbled on the answer pretty quickly but denied it. I remember the white spot search leading me to Vitiligo: an autoimmune disorder that, blah, blah, blah, ……. Everything else was just a blur because I thought to myself: well I know I don’t have all that, so it must be something else. I closed the book, forgot all about it and carried on with my normal life.

Looking back on it I can associate that it was a stressful time for me. I was going through a lot in my life at the time and that little white spot was a message. I now know that message to be “Hey, get yourself together…. Relax…. Everything will work out, but in the meantime – take care of yourself….”

I never got another spot for almost 10 years. That is a long time. I had stresses here and there like we all do but the time didn’t come where the combination of stress, higher than normal, along with a period of not taking care of myself came together to send my off balance. That time came around 2006. My life basically got turned upside down. Everything that I worked for was being lost and taken away from me and there was virtually nothing that I could do about it.

“Hey What is That White Spot on Your Neck?”

I’ll never forget that question. I clearly remember having breakfast with a friend of mine and him saying “Say, what’s that white spot on your neck?” “What white spot?” “I don’t know you have a big white spot on your throat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before?” I remember trying to play it off and saying “Oh yeah, that’s been there.” while thinking to myself: what is he talking about, I need to get to a mirror! 🙂

My vitiligo literally consumed me “Over-Night.” One day I had nothing and the next day I had this giant white spot on my throat. Giant like the size of a tennis ball! Now that was definitely the beginning of my white spots on skin story.

I stared into that mirror like: What in the hell is this?! I never once connected it to that vitiligo search more than 10 years ago, but intuitively I knew that it was because of the stress I was going through. The level of stress even over shadowed the discovery of this big-ass white spot that continued to grow as time went on.

Within a matter of six months I then had spots all over my body. The main ones were the throat, both ears, around my left eye like a raccoon, all over the back of my head where they were growing the fastest, my arms, legs, finger tips, AArrrghhh! It was crazy!

The cycle was officially started. The cycle where I knew had to stop the stress – that’s causing something -that’s causing me to stress even more. And that is the key to healing! How do you do that though? How do you stop stressing about something that is causing you so much stress!

You have to project yourself into the future. The future is your escape: a future where you no longer have this issue, a future that looks how you want it to look. That is the only way. Reality is not your friend at this point so you have to get away from it. This is also a vulnerable time because many people escape reality with methods that either place them into denial or gives them a temporary escape from doing what is necessary.

My Healing Journey

Continued research led me to what I now refer to as my journey. All of the ups and downs, physical and mental that eventually led me to my healing.

Tell me your “White Spots on Skin” story. More importantly let me know where you are now. Hopefully you’re in your future – the healthy, happy, vitiligo free one.



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