About us

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. – Hippocrates

Our Team

The How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo team consists of my brother and I.

I, Gary, as you know by now, am the one that suffered from Vitiligo and after years of research and dedication was finally able to heal myself. My experiences and all of the ups and downs that come with Vitiligo as well as the detailed processes of how I healed are outlined in my eBook: “How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo“.

I post fairly frequently on our Blog page with tips, advice, support and some of the issues that affect the everyday life of a person suffering from Vitiligo. I am also often found within the discussion on our member’s only forum. My brother, Michael, is the influence behind our website, the eBook and the technical writer responsible for the sites content as well as our informative Articles page.

Our Content

I remember how frustrating it was to research Vitiligo and find one source that could provide me with all of the information that I needed.

Whether it’s Treatment Options, Causes of Vitiligo or simply starting off at the beginning with our What is Vitiligo? page the content on our site has the goal of informing you of every possible type of information that is available today.

Our site builds from the very important foundation that YES – you can heal yourself from Vitiligo and there are various methods that you can use to guide you in your healing process.

The content on our site is not a simple cut and paste but rather a well researched source that will provide you the convenience of having a one stop source of information for Vitiligo and the relating issues.

Our Mission

To become your one stop source of information for all things Vitiligo while giving you an unbiased resource of information so that you may be better informed to make the best decisions for you and your healing.

Our Commitment

We will continue to actively research and update the website with all of the current information in an effort to make How I Healed Myself From Vitiligo your one stop source for Vitiligo information.

Our Vision

To help as many people as possible fully heal their self from Vitiligo until the day comes that a cure is finally found.

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