Alternative Therapy

Alternative therapies are often used as a tool of last resort for people who are suffering with serious conditions. TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurevedic medicine and homeopathy have been around for some time and proven effective in some cases. This however does not mean they will improve your Vitiligo. The benefit of using alternative medicine is it can improve your overall health which in turn can help with Vitiligo but as of yet there is not any alternative medicine proven to help Vitiligo.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM

TCM dates five thousands years and it uses an understanding of nature and the many laws that govern it and apply it to humans and their well being. The basis of this system is treating the root cause of the disorder instead of treating the symptoms. TCM uses the following methods to find a solution:

Herbal Therapy – the use of herbs to help the system
Qi-gong –a system emphasizing breathing techniques and movements
Acupuncture – to help the with the smooth flow of the Qi
Healing foods

This system also includes Chinese philosophy or psychology which emphasizes the importance of the relationship between your emotions and how it affects your internal organs.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced in India for thousands of years. The term Ayurveda derives from the Sanskrit words ayur which means life and veda meaning science or knowledge. The science of life as it is literally translated has a primary aim of balancing and integrating you mind, body and spirit. It uses different methods to cleanse the body and restore balance. After examining the patient the practitioner will implement the treatment with a four step process. The processes are:

Eliminating impurities
Reducing symptoms
Increasing resistance to disease
Reducing worry and increasing harmony


Homeopathy is referred to as like with like. What this means is it tries to treat a disorder by introducing a highly diluted form in the body in the hopes of triggering your immune system to begin the healing process. If you are seeking the help of a homeopath talk to your doctor before starting any regimen.

Alternative medicine is based on what causes a disease and in the case of Vitiligo it becomes very difficult because no one knows what causes Vitiligo. Before you attempt any type of treatment talk to your doctor and educate yourself about all the possible dangers of trying an unproven therapy.

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